My Demo

 Scenes from MONSTER (2003) and DROPPED FRAMES

 Commercials: HONDA and WERTHERS Candy

ALPHA BITS from 1960s


  BILL BOYLAN         

  SAG-AFTRA - Fi-Core               LOCK TALENT    (321)328-5625 

    Eyes: Blue        Hair: Brown/Gray     Age Range: 65-75  

Monster (Aileen Wuornos)            Police Chief    Supporting                                  Zodiac Productions 

Dropped Frames                            Bartender        Supporting                                 Just Watch Me Prod 

Lost at Sea - CFAN Series            C.G.Captain      Guest Star                                       Full Flame Prod Shortcut to Happiness                   E.Hemingway     Featured                                        El Dorado Prod 

The Caretaker                                   The Father       Supporting                                        Jeff Woods, Dir

 Final Act                                                The Warden        Featured                                                  SIS Films 

Interrogation                                             Detective                  Lead                                     Barclay Films Intl 

Serpent's Breath                             Acting Coach  Supporting                            Michael.P.DiPaolo, Dir 


Cat On A Hot Tin Roof                  Doc Baugh   Supporting                                         Fleetwood Stage Conversations W/ My Father         Finney          Supporting                                          Logodaely Prod Community Theater                      15 Major Plays & 12 Workshops-Acting /Dir                    NY Metro 


Loos Scrooz Improv                      Short Form ~ 200 Shows                                            NYC & Metro 

S.A.K. Improv                                        Lab Rats                                                                           Orlando FL

Improv                                                 Titusville Theater                                                           Titusville FL 

Mystery Theater- A.C.T.               Villains & Detectives                                             Arlene Wendt, Dir 

Funny Sheesh                                Improv & Sketch Comedy                          Jason Grossman, Dir, NYC Curtain Call - Improv                    Artist-In-Res.,Teacher                                                Stamford, CT 

Mighty Joe Squirrel Improv                    Actor/Teacher- Adult Ed.                                   Westchester Cty, NY Brothers Grinn                              Childrens' Theater                                NY  Metro, Stuart Nager, Dir. 


Master Actor's Workshop              Howard Meyer                                             Croton Falls, NY '95-97 Acting Workshop                                 David Cohen                                                  S.U.N.Y. Purchase, NY TV Commercial Workshop                      Terry Berland                                                                    NYC, 1992 Improvisation                                               Various                                                                              Since 1992 

Seton Hall University                     BA Comm Arts '69                                                  South Orange, NJ


Improvisation- Actor/Teacher, Acting, Directing, Voice-Overs. Teleprompter Dialects : Duh Bronx, Irish, German, Southern, Animation, New York, et al.


Golf, snow skiing, sailing, photography, screenwriting, sports, Wind surfing, motorcycle riding WORK EXPERIENCE: Child Actor/Model 1947-62, Sales & Marketing, Video Screen Writer/Producer/Director. Announcer/VO. TV & Radio, Football Color Analyst WSOU-FM, Newspaper Reporter-Photographer & Ad Sales, Bartender, Waiter, Driver Truck/Cab/Limo/Stick Shift, Motorcycle U.S.Army 1970-72  Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity